Articles by Michael Denton and Others

Articles by and about Michael Denton

Michael Denton, “The Place of Life and Man in Nature: Defending the Anthropocentric Thesis” (BIO-Complexity, Volume 2013)

Michael Denton, “The Types: A Persistent Structuralist Challenge to Darwinian Pan-Selectionism” (BIO-Complexity, Volume 2013)

Michael Denton, “The Cold Trap: How it Works” (Evolution News and Views, May 10, 2014)

Michael Denton, “Is Earth’s Apparent Design for Life Simply the ‘Most Severe Case of Observational Bias in the History of Science’?” (Evolution News and Views, May 9, 2014)

“Interview with Michael Denton” (, 2014)

Evolution News and Views, “Michael Denton on How Kinesins, the Cell’s ‘Wondrous Mini-Machine,’ Give Evidence of Design” (Evolution News and Views, May 16, 2014)

Casey Luskin, “The Fabric of Nature: Michael Denton’s New BIO-Complexity Paper Argues for ‘Laws of Form’ Finely Tuned for Life” (Evolution News and Views, August 28, 2013)

David Klinghoffer, “The Fine-Tuning of the Biosphere: In BIO-Complexity, Michael Denton Recovers the Lost Legacy of Lawrence Henderson” (Evolution News and Views, March 11, 2013)

Articles by Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay Richards

Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay Richards, “Introduction to The Privileged Planet

Jay Richards and Guillermo Gonzalez, “Are We Alone? Our recent success on Mars leaves us no reason to think otherwise—and reason to ponder what makes the earth unique” (The American Spectator, May 1, 2004)